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Man Caves: The Ultimate Guy Hang-out

The idea of a separate zone in the home for guys to hang out is gaining a lot of traction in the homes we build. The earliest know man cave was probably  the cast-off old sofa and battered TV in the basement or a spot in the garage for the Harley or the lovingly restored […]

Shower Power

Visiting a luxurious spa isn’t the only way to unwind and recharge.  Homeowners today are seeing the benefits of  enjoying a sensational shower experience everyday. Roomy showers, clear glass enclosures, steam generators, body sprays, built-in benches and even sound and light systems help create a spa experience at home you can appreciate each morning and […]

Todays Hot Topic: Fireplaces

There is something about the warmth of a fire that is both mesmerizing and comforting. Today’s fireplaces are inviting and efficient for everyone. Some people feel there is no substitute for a wood burning fireplace. The advantages are: The sight, sound and smell of real fire burning. They burn a fairly inexpensive and renewable fuel. […]

Your Garagenous Zone: Innovative Ideas for the Garage

Love shiny epoxy floors and ample space? Then we’ve found your new hot button!  Imagine the garage in your home: Inviting on the outside, organized on the inside – the garage is an integral part of  your home and we found many ways to show it some love. Since today’s garage is larger, more attention is placed […]


Prepare your Home for Fall and Winter

It has been a very warm year, and JUST MAYBE we’ll have a warm fall too, but with Halloween approaching next week, it’s now time to think about preparing your home for the colder winter months ahead. Here’s what you need to do to in the weeks ahead to protect your home : CHIMNEY & […]