The Dirt on Mud Rooms

Mud Room with built in bench and cubby

Back entry Mud Room a perfect place to contain the clutter.

Gone are the days when you’d walk into a home with no place to deposit shoes, jackets, hats, backpacks and recreational gear.

That’s where the importance of Mud Rooms comes into play.  We design Mud Rooms to organize your chaos and contain the clutter that could otherwise drift into other rooms of the home.

Today’s Mud Rooms are spacious and functional spaces, which are usually separate from the Laundry Room. (Muddy shoes and clean clothes do not mix very well!) Tile floors make for easy clean up and custom cabinetry with lockers, hooks, and benches with storage provide a place for everything imaginable. Another change is the incorporation of natural light.

Since the Mud Room is the place where families collect and shed their belongings, you want the space to be comfortable and bright. This feature also bodes well with gardeners who can have a space in the   Mud Room for potting and getting seedlings started. And don’t forget about your pets. Base cabinets can be modified to include a “cat door” to the kitty litter pan; keeping it out-of-sight and tidy.

We’ve included convenient and comfortable “doggie showers” in Mud Rooms or in the Laundry Room too.  The options are as unique and as varied as the families that use them.

There is a trend towards larger and more efficient Mud Rooms. Not surprising, as people have come to realize the importance of this space over a potentially unused living or dining room.