Prepare your Home for Fall and Winter


Fall in Wisconsin

It has been a very warm year, and JUST MAYBE we’ll have a warm fall too, but with Halloween approaching next week, it’s now time to think about preparing your home for the colder winter months ahead. Here’s what you need to do to in the weeks ahead to protect your home :

CHIMNEY & FIREPLACES. Fireplaces add to the ambiance of a chilly evening. Call a professional to inspect and clean your chimney in order to prevent a chimney fire. Also check your flue for a tight seal when closed in order to prevent a breeze.

GUTTERS & DOWNSPOUTS: Clean and keep these free from a buildup of leaves and debris. Neglected gutters can cause roof and wood trim damage and pest invasion. Verify that water is not coming down behind the gutters and the support brackets are secure. Ensure that water drains properly to avoid foundation, drive and walkway damage.

WINDOWS & DOORS: Inspect to ensure there are no drafts around windows and doors. Applying caulk and new weather stripping can enhance the seal to help with lowering heating bills.

HEATING SYSTEMS: Call a professional to inspect your furnace to ensure the system is clean and in good condition. Replace all filters.

PLUMBING: Disconnect the water hoses and turn off the water inside the house to the outside faucets.

LANDSCAPE: Prune trees and shrubs to ensure healthy spring growth.(Easier to do without leaves on the plants too.) Fertilize your lawn as roots grow deeper to perpare for winter. Trim back all trees from the house or roof.

For more information – or a recommedation on which local professionals to contact,  just call us! (262) 723-3588