What is a Modern Vintage Home?

Thelen Total Construction Parade Home

Close to 1,200 people saw our Parade home during the open house event a few weeks ago, many telling us it was their favorite one in the Parade of Homes. Our home in Lakeland Builders Association’s 2013 Parade of Homes was one that can be described as Modern Vintage. A richly detailed home, with  nostalgic architectural details. You just leave your stress at the door when you enter the relaxing lakefront abode. And what can be better than a “Modern Vintage” home? We designed and built a home that only looks like it’s 100 years old without the headaches that come from owning an actual 100-year-old home!  One with excellent energy efficiency, long-lasting, maintenance saving building materials, a layout that functions for how you live today, and with all the modern electronics and appliances that add ease and enjoyment to your life.

Some visitors who admired this home own authentic historic homes on Lauderdale Lakes and other areas. A few we talked to asked how they could renovate it, keeping the character of their home yet have a home that functions for modern living.  Or is the best solution to tear down and create a new “Modern Vintage” home? (Sometimes that can be the less costly solution.) It’s a  difficult decision to make, usually fraught with emotion, especially if you have family ties to the old historic home. If this is you, please contact us for a personal analysis.

One of the favorite details of visitors was the upstairs barn doors in the home. (Or do you call them “sliders?!”) If you love “sliders”, you’ll enjoy this article in “inthralld” with great photos of barn doors as a design element in other homes.

Barn Doors add character to the home

Barn Doors add character to the home