Man Caves: The Ultimate Guy Hang-out


The idea of a separate zone in the home for guys to hang out is gaining a lot of traction in the homes we build. The earliest know man cave was probably  the cast-off old sofa and battered TV in the basement or a spot in the garage for the Harley or the lovingly restored muscle car. It’s not just about the “stuff”, but a place all your own to hang with your buddies, chill out and bond.  However, just like the garage  – it has evolved. Big time!

How do you start designing your ultimate man-cave? There may be a few nonnegotiable items: A flat screen TV (the bigger the better), a sectional couch (preferably leather) and a well stocked bar. Beyond that, you’re going to need a way to tie it all together.

You can start by picking an object (pool table, poker table, jukebox, sports memorabilia) that you like to begin to create a theme, overall look and colors of your man-cave. For inspiration – there are  great websites devoted to man-cave theme spaces and ideas.

Also, the Milwaukee Metropolitan Builders Association Home Expo (January 11-12-13th)  will have a feature booth dedicated to creating the ultimate man-cave.   Although meant as a guy retreat – don’t be too surprised if the wife and kids also enjoy the “hang-out” ambiance of your man-cave. (Just as long as they respect that no-shades-of pink-allowed rule!)