It’s all in the Details

ELL Stove DetailsSome people make the mistake of  thinking that design is all about something looking great. That’s not what we think design is. It’s not just how it looks. Design is also how it works. Steve Jobs actually said that, describing the creation of the iPod  in 2003, but his comments also ring true for designing a home.

More than how it looks, great home design is about functionality and useability. It should make life at home easier and more pleasant. As all of our former clients will attest – we do spend a LOT of time getting to know you in the design phase, asking hundreds of questions about all the activities that make up the fabric of your daily life at home. Or mission is to make life more comfortable for you from the time you get up in the morning to the time you are ready to turn in for the night. Tthe layout  and space, and design details (both large and small) of your home should ease your way through everyday tasks – not drive you crazy.

For instance, how far is the kitchen from where you bring your groceries into the house? Do you need a separate office to shut out the noise of family life, or do you prefer a desk in the hub of the home – the kitchen? Do you and your spouse get up at different times and don’t want to wake the other? Do you have acitvities that require special rooms and extra storage? Taking the time and effort to plan your home will pay off big in a more liveable home, higher resale value and even lower construction costs – since changes to the plan during construction can be costly.

It’s the details that really matter. Going back to Steve Jobs, he said the first and most important question he asked before beginning the design of any new product was, “What’s the user experience?” Once that is determined, he continued, “the pieces just come together.”  And when we ask clients after move in if they’d change anything, and they frequently answer  “Nothing. Everything is great!”  –  that’s very satisfying to hear!