Luxury Shower

Visiting a luxurious spa isn’t the only way to unwind and recharge.  Homeowners today are seeing the benefits of  enjoying a sensational shower experience everyday.

Roomy showers, clear glass enclosures, steam generators, body sprays, built-in benches and even sound and light systems help create a spa experience at home you can appreciate each morning and at the end of a long tiring day. Custom showering designs are nearly as limitless as your imagination. You can enjoy the cascade of a soft waterfall, soothing raindrops on your head, or an invigorating massage with wall mounted water spray tiles.

Muti-function (and multiple) shower heads have specific massage options from pulsating blasts to gentle mists. Steam showers are not only deeply relaxing, they also help your body  remove toxins and impurities while cleansing your skin and promoting respiratory health.

More custom showering options:

  • Combine a handshower with a slide bar for quick and easy height adjustments to accommodate every member of your family from tall dads to little kids
  • Digital shower controls allow all family members to save their individual showering preferences for temperature, water flow and more
  • Discreet speaker systems designed for wet environments are another great way to personalize your shower experience
  • Grab bars make getting in and out of the shower easier for people of all ages and abilities

Afterall, our bodies are mostly made up of water and we can’t live without it. We have a connection to water that transcends the physical. Our daily communion with water allows us to restore a needed balance to our mind and spirit.

Fireplaces add wamth to your home

There is something about the warmth of a fire that is both mesmerizing and comforting. Today’s fireplaces are inviting and efficient for everyone. Some people feel there is no substitute for a wood burning fireplace.

The advantages are:

  • The sight, sound and smell of real fire burning.
  • They burn a fairly inexpensive and renewable fuel.
  • Today’s wood burning fireplace inserts are  much better at retaining heat and have far fewer emissions that older version fireplaces and use less firewood.
  •  A source of heat in your home in case of  a power outage or furnace failure.

The disadvantages are:

  • You have to buy, stack, and haul wood into your home, and clean up the ashes.
  • You have to spend money maintaining your chimney (The EPA advised you to have your chimney inspected and cleaned every year).

Lifestyle demands and personal taste dictate that wood burning fireplaces are not for everyone. Gas fireplaces get better each year as manufacturers make improvements. Not only are modern gas fireplaces very energy efficient ( You can enjoy a  whole night of a burning fire for about a $1), certain models are so well designed it takes a trained eye to detect that gas is being burned instead of wood. Many are AFUE rated, meaning they are rated as heaters and can operate with a thermostat for zone heating. And it’s very nice to conveniently  enjoy a fire at the flip of a switch too!

Fireplace options go well beyond gas and wood. Multi-sided fireplaces are available in see-through, corner and peninsula designs. Or an indoor-outdoor fireplace can be placed in a screen porch or patio on one side and seen on the living room side as well.

Whether you are building or remodeling your home, take time to fully think about all your fireplace options. Later as you find yourself curled up in front of the fire as the snow falls, you will know you made a sound (and warm) investment.

Carriage style Garage Doors

Carriage Style Garage Doors add a classic look to the home

Love shiny epoxy floors and ample space? Then we’ve found your new hot button!  Imagine the garage in your home: Inviting on the outside, organized on the inside – the garage is an integral part of  your home and we found many ways to show it some love.

Since today’s garage is larger, more attention is placed making them aesthetically pleasing inside and out. Carriage house doors offer character making them very popular in a variety of home styles. While they capture the look of classic garage doors, they take advantage of the convenience of standard sectional garage doors.  Once inside, you’ll find something amazing….space!

When designing your home we take careful consideration of everything that is going to fit into your garage. Not just the cars, but other large items like motorcycles  snowmobiles and lawn tractors. Some of these seasonal items, even your prized vintage automobile can be stored on  off-the-floor lift systems. Other hoist systems can be utilized for everything from bikes to canoes, while slat wall and grid systems can allow customization necessary to provide a place for gardening tools, fishing and golf equipment. Once everything is off the floor, you want the items that won’t be used on a frequent basis out of sight.

That’s where cabinetry with a durable work surface counter-top comes in. You may be looking forward to spending a lot of shop time in your garage too. That’s when we take into consideration your heating and cooling needs to make this a comfortable year round space.

Since you are more likely to enter your home through the garage, having a great looking floor may be on your list.  Epoxy/ polyurethane colors and blends that resemble colored quartz and an amazing variety of colors take your floor from blah to “Wow!”  And for the homeowners who simply cannot get enough garage – meet the sub-garage. Using flexi-core concrete panels, we  can create an economical space below your garage for additional storage of vehicles, lawn equipment and lake toys -or a great space for your own “garage band”.

When you think about it – many corporations like Apple computer and Hewlett Packard got started in the garage. Many legendary rock bands, among them Buddy Holly and Nirvana got their start in the garage. The garage is the final frontier in our homes to become “civilized” It’s about time!



Fall in Wisconsin

It has been a very warm year, and JUST MAYBE we’ll have a warm fall too, but with Halloween approaching next week, it’s now time to think about preparing your home for the colder winter months ahead. Here’s what you need to do to in the weeks ahead to protect your home :

CHIMNEY & FIREPLACES. Fireplaces add to the ambiance of a chilly evening. Call a professional to inspect and clean your chimney in order to prevent a chimney fire. Also check your flue for a tight seal when closed in order to prevent a breeze.

GUTTERS & DOWNSPOUTS: Clean and keep these free from a buildup of leaves and debris. Neglected gutters can cause roof and wood trim damage and pest invasion. Verify that water is not coming down behind the gutters and the support brackets are secure. Ensure that water drains properly to avoid foundation, drive and walkway damage.

WINDOWS & DOORS: Inspect to ensure there are no drafts around windows and doors. Applying caulk and new weather stripping can enhance the seal to help with lowering heating bills.

HEATING SYSTEMS: Call a professional to inspect your furnace to ensure the system is clean and in good condition. Replace all filters.

PLUMBING: Disconnect the water hoses and turn off the water inside the house to the outside faucets.

LANDSCAPE: Prune trees and shrubs to ensure healthy spring growth.(Easier to do without leaves on the plants too.) Fertilize your lawn as roots grow deeper to perpare for winter. Trim back all trees from the house or roof.

For more information – or a recommedation on which local professionals to contact,  just call us! (262) 723-3588

Lake view from the screen porch

Have you ever noticed that some homes are placed on their lots like they were dropped from outer space with little or no consideration given to what can be seen from the interior?

Windows are generally located in the middle of the wall of each room and no one has stopped to think about the quality of the view from within the space.

Most of us love to feel connected to nature and benefit greatly from access to daylight and the beauty of the natural world. To imbue our homes with these “Inside Outside” connections, we design both environments together: Arranging windows, doors, decks, patios, and porches to take advantage of key features of the evolving scenic landscape, and to minimize undesirable views as well.

By planning the home and the surrounding landscape as a single integrated whole, rather than two separate environments, there will be constant interplay between the natural and the man-made, and between the inside and the outside.

The result is a home that extends far beyond its actual walls.