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Lakefront Home Design

We talked  to many people at the Lakeland Builders Association Home Expo in Lake Geneva Wisconsin and The Lake Home and Cabin Show in Schaumburg Illinois over the last two weekends. It was great to see a lot of interest in building in our beautiful part of Southeastern Wisconsin after the slow down in construction the last four years! Many are just starting to look for property in the Lake Geneva area to build their dream home. Property prices have stabilized and are starting to increase, so don’t wait! A number of folks asked what would provide the most value to them when desiging and building their home.

Some of the main factors that add the greatest value to your new home:

1. Location: Consider buying the most you can afford. Location is everything. If you like being on the water, historically, lakefront property experiences stronger growth in value.

2. Design: A well designed home adds enormous value! Not only will you enjoy living in a beautiful home designed to enhance your life –  at resale time, you’ll find a greater return on your investment as well.

3. Kitchen: Not too many people complain about a kitchen being too large, too much counter space or too many cabinets. Spend money on the kitchen.

4. Family Room/ Great Room: Like the kitchen – oversize the Family Room, and make it a little bigger than you think you need. Like the kitchen, that’s where your family and friends gather.

5. Master Bath: It’s the place where you start and end your day; a place to unwind. Upgrade the size and finishes. If  you sell, this will be a good return on investment.

6. Room Size: Make sure your rooms are large enough to meet your needs. It would be very expensive to do it after your home is finished if you realized you need more space. (This won’t be a problem after you go through our comprehensive Design Outline process. We make sure to “right-size” your home to fit your current need and future needs.)

7. Closets:  No one has ever complained of a home having too many closets!

8. Maintenance and Energy Saving Products: Paying extra for products that over time will save you money over replacement, maintenance and energy costs is smart  and you’ll feel better about saving the earth resources too choosing products that are durable and “green” too.

Bottom Line: Invest your money in the places that matter the most to experience the greatest value and enjoyment for years to come in your new home.