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Relaxing by the fireplace

As a custom home builder, we help create what’s important to you in your home. Want to live in your home forever or caring for an aging parent now? We’ll explore all aspects of accessible design. Needing a dedicated area for a home theater or weekly jam band sessions? We’ll create a sound-proof room in your home. But have you given much thought about designing for your dog or cat? We’re just reflective of a fact of American life: According to the U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are about 218 million pets in the United States, not including several million fish. In 2011 Americans spent approximately 61.4 billion total on pets.

Recognizing the importance of animals in family life, we’ve designed features in homes that go way beyond the doggie door, incorporating canine and feline friendly design such as:

Designing the laundry or mud room to include a mini-shower dog bathing and pet grooming area.

Mudroom cabinetry to store pet food and toys, and even a built-in bed.

Hiding the litter box from view and odor by storing it in a cabinet. Adapt the cabinet with a pet door and an easy-to-keep-clean stainless steel floor.

Create a “purr-fect” kitty hide-away in a cabinet by cutting a small, discreet opening in the side. Add a comfy blanket inside for snuggling.

Install vac-pans in the kitchen and mud room, making sweeping up the “tumble-fur” of long hair cats and golden retrievers fast and easy.

For the cat who can’t get enough of fresh running water to drink, install a motion sensor faucet in the kitchen or laundry room. (Just remember to always leave the sink stopper open!)

Pet-proof screening: Not only a great durable choice for screen doors and screen porches – it’s virtually kid-proof as well!

Dog Shwer

Keeping Rex clean is EASY in the dog shower in the mud room. 

With nearly three-quarters of U.S. households owning pets (37% of American households own dogs, and there are currently more pet pooches in the world than babies!) there is a WIDE audience for pet-friendly home design.

Now that you have the perfect home for both you and your furry friend, are you looking for the ultimate in a comfortable and stylish dog bed? Katie Wozniak, owner and designer at Katherine Elizabeth Designs (whose firm does exterior and interior design “magic” for many of our homes) has created beautiful and ergonomically correct “Dream Ease” pet furniture – sure to add the right touch of style to your beautifully designed home.