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There is no question that the vision of a new home fires up the imagination. Who hasn’t dreamt of a home with beautiful architectural design,  enough space for favorite activities, desired features, colors and style. It is a big reason enough for people to consider building a new home over an buying an existing one.

The advantages actually go way beyond the obvious: A new home offers many hidden performance benefits.  Some of these benefits come as a result of saving energy costs. Thick walls, closed cell foam insulation, air sealing, triple pane windows, and new heating and cooling equipment make homes very energy efficient, and save you money on your monthly utility bills. But they go way beyond that:

Comfort. Closed cell foam insulation, along with careful sealing of the building shell, and the HVAC ductwork minimizes drafts, and helps keep temperatures even throughout the home. The home can be further optimized with low-e, energy efficient windows. These windows can be ordered with a coating that protects furnishings from UV light. Window options include shades and blinds between the glass, and screens that roll up and down.

Health. Those comfort-enhancing, air-sealing details also keep pollen and dust out of the home. High performance windows resist condensation that can lead to mold growth. Today’s HVAC equipment is optimal at removing unwanted humidity, and other pollutants, while bringing in fresh, filtered air from outdoors. Sealed combustion heating equipment keep your family safe by keeping carbon monoxide out of indoor air.

Quiet. Double or triple pane windows, doors with good weather-stripping, and the sealing and insulation already mentioned, make a new home much better at blocking noise than an older one. (Great if you don’t want to hear the neighbor’s late night patio party or jet skis on the lake disturbing your peaceful morning!) Inside – if you have a home theater room, or a loud bunch of teenagers in your lower level space, sound-dampening soundboard between floors and by the bathroom and bedroom walls will create spaces that are a quiet oasis in your home.

Latest Technology.  You can opt for alarm systems, speaker systems, internet wiring, and lighting control functions to be built right in, saving you future holes in the walls.

Less Maintenance. Professional builders use proven products with long (even lifetime!) warranties, and use highly skilled and experienced tradespeople.Exterior materials, such as siding and decking materials made from composites will not rot, are highly resistant to insect damage and will need no future painting / staining. (Or not for a very long time.)

Universal Design Features. An open floor plan not only makes entertaining easier, it makes getting around easier for the mobility impaired. Wide hallways and doorways look great, and are  functional for all. A great feature to plan for is stacking closets on the1st floor, 2nd floor and lower level. The electrical and HVAC systems can be designed around this space during construction so that if an elevator is needed at some point, it is easily installable.

Your new home with all of today’s innovations facilitates your enjoyment and appreciation of life. It is life changing to have everything in your home just the way you want it. For many people – it’s what they always dreamed of coming home to, and we are happy to make their dreams come true!