The home building industry coined the phrase “green builing” in the late ’80’s, turning a niche of resource efficient homes into a quiet revolution – one that is increasingly becoming a preferred way to build and remodel. The way we build has always been greatly influenced with energy costs in mind. You’ll save money every month on energy bills and your home will be quieter and more comfortable too.
The National Association of Home Builders has certified Thelen Total Construction as Green Home Building Specialists.
We know today you may be interested in taking your new home to a higher “green” standard. What green ideas are you interested in?

  • Smaller home design to reduce material and energy consumption
  • Durable materials to increase life of the home and minimize maintenance
  • Using environmentally preferred products – sustainably harvested, recycled, reclaimed – and using bio-based no-VOC finishes
  • Maximizing solar exposure in winter; minimize in summer
  • Maximizing day lighting, installing infared or motion sensors, using high efficiency LED lighting
  • Installing ENERGY STAR® appliances, including HVAC systems
  • Conserving indoor water usage by using low flow fixtures
  • Reducing surface water run-off by minimizing paved surfaces and using erosion control techniques
  • Minimizing outdoor water useage by planting water-efficient landscaping and using rainwater
  • Enhancing indoor air quality by using high-efficiency sealed combustion appliances. Using high quality filters to remove contaminants

Want to learn more? Green Built Homes is a voluntary green building initiative that reviews and certifies new homes that meet sustainable building and energy standards. For more information about this program – click here.