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Pantry Power

According to the National Association of Home Builders, a pantry was the kitchen feature most desired by new home buyers.  Kitchen pantry possibilities range from a closet, a nook to a dedicated room.  A couple of interesting trends in pantry design: Wanting more daylight in the kitchen prompts a shift in storage design. Delivering more daylight means less available wall space and that has translated to an increased interest in walk-in room pantry space. A really large pantry can serve

Spring Home Maintenance List

  After a below normal temperature February, we are in the mood for spring, with a spell of above normal temps for early March. Can’t do many of these home maintenance items right now, but it’s good to have a list of Spring To-Do’s  for when the weather is just right. Some of these are DIY projects; others are best left to professionals. What you can do now: Replace your HVAC filters. (Do this more often than once a year.)

A Lot to Think About…Planning your Home on your Lot

Do you have property you are looking forward to building your dream home on? Congratulations!  Get ready: The landscape of your home site is a complex part of the picture! It’s composed of topography, plants, trees, surrounding structures, and sometimes – lake and other water features. There are the zoning and code regulations. Each site also has a very specific solar orientation, views – both good and bad, and very often – an obvious character. There are a number of

Thelen Total Construction celebrates 40 years

Built to Last: Thelen Total Construction looks back on 40 years in business Reflecting back 40 years, when Randy and Nancy Thelen started their home construction business in their home in 1974, think about this: The yearly inflation rate in the US was 11.3%, the 55 mph speed limit was imposed and daylight savings time observed year round to save energy. (Due to the 1973 oil embargo.) The global recession deepened with unemployment rising to 9%. A home mortgage rate was 9.79%.

Four Steps for Stress-free Home Construction

New Home Construction by Thelen Total Construction

Are you a little apprehensive about building or remodeling your home because of hearing negative home building experiences from friends and family? Relax! By taking care to choose your builder wisely, being part of the team, having a realistic sense of budget and time completion , your home construction can go smoothly and dare we say it – even be enjoyable!   1. Choose an Experienced Design / Build Builder  The most critical of the four steps is choosing wisely